Monday, March 28, 2005

Archbishop calls for Mugabe's departure

While I'm on the subject of Zimbabwe, the country's most prominent Catholic archbishop has called for his countrymen to rise up against dictator Robert Mugabe and "chase him away."

Archbishop Pius Ncube, from the opposition stronghold of Bulawayo, told a South African paper, "[A]s it is, people have been too soft with this government. So people should pluck up just a bit of courage and stand up against him and chase him away."

He insisted he was not advocating violence, but simply backing a peaceful uprising like that in Ukraine last year.

The dictatorship reacted in typical fashion to the archbishop's comments. "[Archbishop Ncube] is a mad, inveterate liar. He has been lying for the past two years. As an Archbishop, we expect him to tell the truth," frothed a ZANU-PF spokesman.

Making sure to stick to the regime's script, the spokesman added, "He, however, fits into the scheme of the British and Americans, who are calling for regime change and are feeding him with these wild ideas."

Then again, if I'd destroyed a country as thoroughly as Mugabe and his lackies, I'd be deathly afraid of a popular uprising too.


At 2:51 PM, Blogger clarius ugwuoha said...

So far as Africa pretends to democracy,the likes of president Mugabe of Zimbabwe will continue to engage our audience.


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