Monday, March 21, 2005

Kagame Jr in the CAR?

On 11 March, I wrote an essay entitled Once a military strongman, always a military strongman on the Central African Republic's junta leader Gen. François Bozizé.

As if he read my essay and wanted to conform to my sterotype, Gen. Bozizé then proceded to fire his national unity government vice-president, the veteran opposition leader Abel Goumba.

Goumba had the audacity to sign a petition complaining of fraud during Sunday's vote. Observers do not consider Goumba to be a serious contender for president, although, according to one local politician, "I suspect the fact that he refused to join the coalition to elect Bozize was what cost him the vice-presidency".

The general is ahead in counting following the presidential elections of 13 March. Hardly surprising after strongarm tactics like excluding several serious contenders to his throne.


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