Monday, March 28, 2005

The pathetic saga of Jonathan Moyo

The rise and fall of Jonathan Moyo, former mouthpiece for Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe, is a fascinating saga.

Moyo used to be a vocal critic of Mugabe, but was eventually co-opted by the strongman. He quickly became Mugabe's apologist-in-chief, offering explanations, rationalizations, manipulations in ways that were quite, shall we say, creative. Along with Iraq's "Comical Ali" and former Liberian defense minister Daniel Chea, Moyo was truly one of the great Orwellian sycophants of our time.

When the ZANU-PF movement chose a vice-presidential candidate for Mugabe, Moyo fell afoul of the dictator by promoting a different candidate than the one Mugabe wanted. He was sacked as information minister and is now running for re-election to parliament as an independent in the upcoming election ruse.

Last week, Mugabe revealed at a campaign rally that he made his one-time spin doctor cry. "We asked him whether he wanted to stage a coup... and tears started flowing down his cheeks," Mugabe told a campaign rally for the ruling party. "No, Jonathan, you are clever, but you lack wisdom. You are educated, but you do not have wisdom."

There's something about this incident that seems to embody Zimbabwean politics. The pathetic suckup meekly pandering to the loud-mouthed bully. Mugabe expects his toadies to be totally submissive to his demands. Imagine his fury when he found out that Moyo was in it for himself.

As information minister, Moyo passed repressive anti-media laws and engineered general harassment of journalists. I'm sure what's left of a free press in Zimbabwe is shedding tears over Moyo's plight.

Mugabe alleges that Moyo met an army commander and hinted he may have been plotting a coup. Yet, Moyo not only remains free but is running for office. Others have been beaten, tried and jailed for far less severe offenses than alleged treason. It's very curious why Moyo isn't suffering the same fate.

I wonder what he knows.


At 12:31 AM, Blogger zimpundit said...

"I wonder what he knows."
-Good analysis of the ongoing legacy of Jonathan Moyo, up till the last sentence. I don't think Mugabe's reluctance crush Moyo stems from what Moyo knows as much as it is what he can do. It was just six short years that Mugabe fell for Moyo's ambitious plans, veneered thinly by a sharp wit and mastery of politics. Once on Mugabe's side, Moyo did a stellar job of not only defending Mugabe's failing policies and crafting laws that muzzled the independent press, but ensured that ZANU-PF looked formidable. This impressed Mugabe so much that even now as Moyo once again becomes an antagonist, Mugabe must handle him gingerly because he knows what Moyo can do and is aware that Moyo is immensely popular for standing up to Mugabe.

At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mugabe must know that he is stepping on thin ice now. Moyo is capable of toppling him down should he try messing around with the professor. Mugabe,should remember that it is the professor up backed who him up over the seizure of Kondozi farm in Odzi, leaving the de klerk family in tears and anger. Who was the strategist in trying to silence Nicholas Oppenheimer??? Mugabe can now start counting his days in power! Soon, there might be a revolution in Zimbabwe. Lets pray we will not need Kofi Anaan and his fellows to intervene during this time of change. To God Be Glory. Amen!!!!

At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe is now crap and Moyo can tell every step on how this once mighty country has become a laughing stock of the world. Should he be oppressed by old Gabriel or his torture dogs, we might hear the making of crap Zimbabwe in detail. Remember that Moyo is Joseph Gobells. On his own, he can wash away his sins and start afresh. After all, we know the old man's crooked ways. Even on how he hooked Grace and killed Peter Pamire (boss pams)Robert, remember that Tony and George do not like you at all. Should there be someone of Moyo's calibre to strategize your down fall, we can bring sadza and mabhonzo for you at Chikurubi if at all you can eat that.


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