Monday, March 14, 2005

So what else is new?

Newsflash: Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe is repressing [groups] that don't toe his line.

Some variation of this could be the title of pretty much any entry written about Zimbabwe in recent years. After harassing usual suspects like the press and the opposition (one and the same according to Bob), Mugabe and his mafia are going after non-governmental organizations [NGOs].

State-controlled media cites unnamed sources as saying there are fears that some funds [spent by NGOs] have been channelled to the opposition or sold on the black market... The government has repeatedly accused NGOs of interfering in national affairs and supporting the opposition, reports the BBC.

According to Bob and company, offering food aid to regions of the country where the opposition is strong constitutes 'supporting the opposition.'

Last year, a law was passed introducing a licence for all NGOs.

The same treatment that was reserved for the press.

Foreign human rights groups were also banned from working in Zimbabwe.


The list of NGOs published by the state-controlled Herald newspaper includes well-known international agencies such as Save the Children, World Vision and Care.

Subversive organizations all.

The NGOs are being threatened with existing legislation, but the Zimbabwean government is preparing to promulgate a new law which will impose much greater restrictions on their activities.

I'm not sure why they'd bother. The law is merely incidental the the regime's activities anyway.


At 6:21 AM, Blogger clarius ugwuoha said...

So far as Africa pretends to democracy, the likes of Mugabe of Zimbabwe shall continue to find audience in our midst!

At 3:57 PM, Blogger adegboyega babasola(osibeluwo) said...

'Nigerians are too critical. That J.J. Okocha declined to feature in a match should not make us forget easily the sacrifice the african football legend made in the past for the nation'

At 5:01 PM, Blogger adegboyega babasola(osibeluwo) said...

Nigerian politics is never without killing and shedding of blood.
Blood thirsty politicians birth blood craving leaders. Hence, killing becomes the order of the day.
May the good Lord deliver us.


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