Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tutu slams the Anglican 'gay obsession'

The Anglican archbishop emeritus of Capetown, Dr. Desmond Tutu, recently called on his church to overcome its 'extraordinary obsession' with gay priests and same-sex marriage.

The Nobel Peace Laureate pointed out that Anglicans should spend their time on far more pressing issues that he says they were ignoring. Such as HIV/AIDS and Darfur. He also rapped the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe for not standing up to the repressive terror of Robert Mugabe.

"We've, it seems to me, been fiddling whilst as it were our Rome was burning. At a time when our continent has been groaning under the burden of HIV/Aids, of corruption," he told the BBC.

"There are so many issues crying out for concern and application by the church of its resources, and here we are, I mean, with this kind of extraordinary obsession."

To his immense credit, this is hardly the first time Archbishop Tutu has called on Anglicans to see through the smokescreen of gay scapegoating.


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