Saturday, May 26, 2007

ZANU-PF legislators slam Mugabe's brainwashing camps

Zimbabwean despot Robert Mugabe and other members of his dictatorship would have you believe that things are fine and dandy in Zimbabwe and that any problems are the sole result of a grand conspiracy between Tony Blair, George W. Bush and the neo-colonial west in general.

This anti-western smokescreen is eagerly lapped up by much the sycophantic so-called elite in Africa... educated fools who believe that Mugabe's Blair- and Bush-bashing do a damn thing for starving and oppressed Zimbabweans.

So imagine how shocked Bully Bob must've been when legislators from his own party rapped conditions in the brainwashing camps that his regime set up.

South Africa's Daily Mail and Guardian noted that MPs of the ruling ZANU-PF were appalled that Recruits at Zimbabwe's notorious youth camps live in substandard barracks, get very little food and may be at risk of sexual abuse.

The parliamentary report paints a bleak picture of dilapidated dormitories, minimal rations and, for females, the fear of sexual abuse.

At one camp, in the southern Matabeleland region, the barracks had no doors or windows, the report said. Some youths complained they had found snakes inside the building.

Perhaps Tony Blair's secret agents snuck into the brainwashing camps and ruined their previously pristine conditions. Yeah, that must be it!


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