Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why not? It works for Mugabe!

Former Zambian president Frederick Chiluba was found guilty by a British court of using $39 million of public funds for personal use, on items such as fancy designer clothes. The suit was brought against him in the UK because the money passed through London bank accounts.

Chiluba reacted angrily to the ruling, calling it 'obscene' and 'racist' as well as referring to some mythical grand collusion.

"At best, this judgment is a mere political statement made by a man who represents a vicious and violent system with inherent prejudices and hatred against Africa," he fumed.

As outrageous as his statements are, the logic behind them is completely understandable. Zimbabwean thug-in-chief Robert Mugabe employs the 'racism' line every time anyone in the west criticizes him and most African leaders have given him a free pass because of it. So it's not surprising that Chiluba is trying the same approach.


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