Friday, April 21, 2006

Call for suggestions (reprise)

A few weeks ago, I issued a call for ideas.

It's easy to get into a bit of a rut commenting on breaking news stories. However, at some point hopefully this month I am going to take a week-long break from this daily grind and offer a broader look at a handful of big issues that are having a serious impact on millions of people around the world but get little press coverage. Ones presently under consideration are:

-The small arms trade
-Child soldiers
-Street children
-Aid workers as targets of combattants
-'Asylum fatigue'
-How to help internally displaced people (as distinct from refugees)

So if any readers have others issues they'd like to suggest I study and write about, please leave a comment for me to take into consideration. Bear in mind I'm looking for issues to explore, not a particular conflict to focus on.


At 11:05 AM, Blogger Black River Eagle said...

How about focusing on the "Road Back to Democracy" for the West African Nations of Liberia and Sierra Leone. History, today's challenges, opportunities, and a realistic view of the future for these countries. Maybe most important of all, write about how we in the despised "West" and elsewhere around the globe can help in ways that are sustainable and are in line with the hopes and dreams of the people there.

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Brian said...

BRE: Interesting suggestion. I'll take it into consideration. Though it is a bit tricky since 1/3 of Africans seems to think the west should do more to foster democracy and human rights on the continent, 1/3 think they should mind their own business and 1/3 advocate BOTH positions depending on which makes the west look worse.

How many times do you hear "The west must do something about (country)" and "African solutions to African problems" about the same issue.


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