Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A quarter century of madness, or how to destroy a country without resorting to war

Zimbabwe was once called the breadbasket of southern Africa. After 26 years of 'independence' under ironfist of madman Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean women now have the lowest life expectancy in the world at 34 years. The average Zimbabwean man can't hope to live much longer, an average of 37 years.

But while the quality of life so miserable that the average Zimbabwean can't expect to live half as long as the average Brit, it's nice to know lunatic Mugabe is still frothing at the mouth about Tony Blair.

It's a good thing Bob still has legions of dreamy, pan-Africanist admirers across the continent who buy into his anti-imperialist smokescreen even though its sole purpose is to distract people from living standards which are collapsing faster than President Bush's approval rating. If not for these folks still stuck in the 1960s who think him another N'Krumah, Bob might face the same fate of another former West African leader: Charles Taylor.


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