Saturday, August 01, 2009

Thoughts on US policies toward Africa

Here are some good recent pieces exploring western, and particularly American, policy with regard to Africa...

-Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF) explores the increasingly militarized nature of the United States' policy toward the continent.

-FPIF also muses on the dictatorship in Uganda.

-Oxfam America and Foreign Policy held a discussion calling for a new path on American foreign assistance to Africa. Panelists called on U.S. leaders to make U.S. foreign assistance more supportive of effective states and active citizens. In particular, the panelists called for a U.S. aid approach that is more transparent, more consistent with the needs of citizens and local governments, and more focused on giving recipient states the power to manage their own development.

-Nigeria's This Day wonders in an editorial if Africa needs food aid.

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