Friday, July 03, 2009

Why Africa produces the world's worst leaders

A piece in the Nigerian paper This Day offers explores why on why Africa produces the world's worst leaders.

A Christian minister blamed the dearth of service-driven leadership in Nigeria and Africa on the wrong perception of service, saying it has also created the pervasive problem of intolerance of dissenting views, no matter how progressive they might be; thereby leading "to repression, attacks and elimination of persons who criticise or hold opposing views."



At 3:34 PM, Blogger Tommy Miles said...

"Adeyemi noted that the retrogressive attitudes of our traditional and political leaders of always wanting to be served rather than serving the people..."

Might this have less to do with leaders' Christian morality and more to do with several centuries of foreign empires and companies being willing to pay handsomely any African interlocutor who will allow them to quietly extract everything valuable while leaving nothing behind? The overthrowing of those leaders unwilling to do the same is perhaps an added incentive.


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