Sunday, August 19, 2007

Schizophrenia in southern Africa

Former South African police minister Adriaan Vok plead guilty to plotting in 1989 to assassinate anti-apartheid activist Rev. Frank Chikane.

Last year, Vok made a public act of contrition by washing the feet of Rev. Chikane. Though he did appear before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission during its activities, Vok did not testify about this particular crime and was thus not eligible for amnesty.

Because he cooperated with authorities, Vok received a 10-year suspended sentence.

Vok was prosecuted for attempting to kill a single individual. At the same time, one of the continent's most egregious criminals, responsible for destroying millions of lives, not just one, received received a hero's welcome at the SADC summit in Zambia. But far from being angry when it comes to Robert Mugabe, South African officials bent over backwards to suck up to the tyrant.

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