Sunday, August 12, 2007

Guinea-Bissau cabinet minister warns of famine risk; NGOs unsure

After reports that Guinea-Bissau had become Africa's first narco-state, authorities are now worried that a famine might strike the unstable West African state.

Guinea-Bissau's agriculture minister recently warned on national radio on the imminence of a famine in the country, particularly in rural communities. The declaration, according to Jeune Afrique, 'left the humanitarian agencies perplexed.'

A Food and Agriculture Organization spokesman acknowledged that the lack of rain was a cause for concern but that "at this stage, [the FAO] doesn't have enough information or precise details to determine the amplitude of the problem."

The World Food Program said it was 'closely following the evolution of the situation.'

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At 5:19 PM, Blogger dairyflat said...

Perplexed? I'll be it has. If this waring is accurate then just what have the government of Guinea-Bissau been up to? Let's be clear Guinea-Bissau CAN feed itself so just what's going on??


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