Saturday, March 10, 2007

Worsening situation in the Central African Republic

While much of the world's 'Africa' attention is rightly focused on Darfur, there's a disturbing and underreported conflict in the near by Central African Republic.

A rebellion is causing havoc and insecurity in the northeastern region of the CAR, which borders the Sudan. Some fear that the region is going to run out of food this year. Others claim that the national army's soldiers are exacerbating insecurity more than they are quelling it.

The conflict is also awakening the scourge of child soldiers in the country.


At 10:54 AM, Blogger ugandawatch said...

I have been following this situation for a couple of months now and it is indeed worsening. I believe it began to worsen when the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) moved into CAR. It's certainly not the only reason but it has no doubt contributed to the suffering of the already suffering there. The lRA are also in W. Equatoria, Chad and of course Uganda. For more info on the dire situation in CAR there's an abundance of type on the net thanks to the recent visit by Mia Farrow.

There is a talk happening today, Saturday March 10th between Joe Kony of the LRA and a collection of individuals made up of an envoy from the UN, Acholi tribal leaders, the VP of South Sudan and others.

I hope you will continue to write about the situation in CAR and to appeal to the conscience of westerners.


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