Friday, February 23, 2007

Dictator celebrates lavish birthday bash while doubling bread price for peasants

Looks like Guinea isn't the only economically-ruined country where people are taking to the streets against a repressive, incompetent band of crooks and thugs that call themselves a government. Teachers, students, doctors and nurses in Zimbabwe have joined university lecturers and students by going on strike. Working conditions are miserable. Wages are a pittance (when paid). And the country's 1600 (sixteen hundred) percent inflation rate makes those pitiful wages even more worthless.

The government's solution?

Last week, some 74 students and their leaders were rounded up, assaulted, and detained, according to the International Union of Students, which released a statement supporting its Zimbabwean peers.

More than 40 were arrested following a meeting to discuss "issues of the ever deteriorating standards of education, the astronomical hikes in tuition fees, and broader socio-economic and political pandemonium in Zimbabwe." The Zimbabwe National Students Union says that "more than 600 innocent, unarmed, and hungry students who had gathered on campus for the Extraordinary General Meeting were violently and brutally dispersed by the ruthless riot police and the non-uniformed state security agents."

Women marching near parliament were assaulted by tear gas.

The insecurity forces also went on the rampage against opposition supporters who'd gathered to launch a presidential campaign against the country's egomaniac-in-chief Bob Mugabe.

Mugabe subsequently banned all protests in the capital Harare. Maybe now he'll call off his thugs?

Not likely.

At the lavish birthday bash to which Bob insisted his poor countrymen should donate their own money, Comrade Mugabe lovingly promised that efforts would be made to ensure workers were well looked after because everyone from the gardener right up to the most senior official were important.

His government subsequently announced that it wanted nearly double the price of bread.


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