Thursday, January 18, 2007

A sacred duty

Reading the Nigerian press is always an interesting experience. This Day reports that the Roman Catholic Church in Enugu State, eastern Nigeria, has warned that non-voters will not be allowed to participate any of the Church's sacraments. The bishop of Nsukka has stated that adult parishioners will have until early February to show their voter cards to parish priests. Those that don't will be denied holy communion, marriage and other sacraments.

In a statement, the bishop's office warned parishioners against calculated political propaganda aimed at creating despondency in you so that they will steal away an unmerited victory. You are reminded and requested to quickly get yourselves registered, if you have not done that, because it is your civic responsibility and a sacred duty. As adults (18 years and above), you are doing great disservice to the Church and the nation if you fail to register. You should know that it is your right to register, to have voters’ cards, to vote and that with your voters’ cards, you shall be able to enthrone true democracy by willful, correct choices of leaders through the ballot boxes.


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