Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Graft and instability in Guinea

Reuters ran a piece on the alleged fight against graft in Guinea. The country was recently named by Transparency International as the most corrupt country on the most corrupt continent.

However, continued internecene fighting at the top of the regime certainly doesn't help the supposed anti-corruption campaign.

The head of state Lansana Conte, a reclusive army general who has ruled Guinea since 1984, dismissed three ministers on Friday [Dec. 22] in a surprise reshuffle which strengthened the hand of his right-hand man, minister for presidential affairs Fode Bangoura.
But one of the three sacked men, Transport Minister Alpha Ibrahima Keira, is linked closely to a rival faction surrounding Conte's second wife
and was re-instated five days later.

The Dec. 22 cabinet reorganization was one of many that happened during 2006 and is widely attributed to the internal power struggles around the ailing head of state.


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