Friday, August 04, 2006

'Living With Illegals'

On of the most unfortunate aspects of CNN is that while their international service is pretty good, their domestic American service is filled with the same sensationalist garbage as the other cable 'news' channels. Or perhaps the real unfortunate part is that the international service, which is something approximating a real news channel, is not available to most Americans.

Sadly, it's only CNN International that will be showing this excellent documentary by journalist Sorious Somura entitled 'Living With Illegals.'

Somura, who gained international recognition for his documentary Cry Freetown, joined a group of illegal immigrants trying to make their way into a Spanish enclave north of Morocco. Entry to that enclave gives people access to the entire European Union.

Despite the hideous dangers, the trip attracts massive numbers of African migrants every year.

Somura essentially lived the life an undocumented migrant.

This isn't the first time Somura has 'walked in the shoes' of those he covered. He's experienced hunger, life as a refugee and as an orderly in a Zambian hospital dominated by AIDS patients.

'Living With Illegals' will air on CNN International on Saturday August 5 at 1900 GMT.


At 4:16 PM, Blogger Missy said...

I was going to watch it, it's suppose to be airing right now. I live in Europe and we only have CNN International. but due to breaking news, I think Hezbollah attacked Haifa wounding 100 people killing 3 they must have rescheduled. I hope to see it later. It should be very intresting. Myself have family that crossed this way due i am only part African. Too bad they don't show it for you guys. Sometimes the regualr CNN has shows i wanna see but i miss out on hehe.


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