Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mystery plane lands in CAR

The Central African Republic is an unstable country with a history of coups and mutinies. And being bordered by Chad (civil war and regime teetering on the brink), Sudan (civil war and genocide) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (generalized chaos and armed violence), it's not in the most stable part of the world either.

The country is run by Gen. François Bozizé, who came to power via a military insurrection and who legitimized his rule (in some people's eyes) by pseudo-democratic elections. However, an apparent rebel movement developed in the north of the country following those elections. So it's disturbing to learn that a plane of 50 armed men illegal landed in the north of the CAR, according to the country's foreign minister.

He said the plane had arrived from Sudan and was suspected of being linked to the rebellion in Chad.

The CAR government has said it will lodge a complaint with the African Union against Sudan.

The teetering Chadian regime of Idriss Déby backed Bozizé when he was in exile and during his military campaign that overthrew the CAR president Ange-Félix Patassé.


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