Monday, May 30, 2005

The incredible disappearing apologia

Howard, a reader of this blog, is good enough to point out a curious fact. He read this essay from July 2003 regarding Pat Robertson, a leader of America's Theocracy Brigade.

Robertson condemned Bush administration efforts to ostracize Liberia's then-dictator (who was even then an indicted war criminal) Charles Taylor. Robertson noted that Liberia was a primarily Christian country and anti-Taylor rebels were Muslim.

Robertson also felt it relevant to mention that the Guinea, from where the rebels launched their attacks, was a predominantly "Muslim country ruled by a capricious and ruthless dictator." While Guinea's Gen. Lansana Conté is certainly capricious, he never held a candle to Taylor's brutality.

Howard notes with curiosity that the link to Robertson's dubious comments on the latter's CBN website no longer works.


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