Sunday, May 15, 2005

European Parliament rejects Gnassingbé II's ascension

A few weeks ago, Togo held dubious presidential elections in Togo following which Gnassingbé II (aka: Faure Gnassingbé, son of the late military dictator) was proclaimed winner. The elections were only held after the Togolese military tried to impose Gnassingbé II as head of state.

This change of heart was not done because the Togolese armed forces suddenly got pangs of guilt or of constitutionalism. They did so because of intense African and international pressure to do so; such pressure was particularly powerful because Togo is heavily dependent on foreign aid.

Fortunately, the rigged election did not fool the European Union. The Euro Parliament rejected the legitimacy of the farce and refused to recognize the 'legitimacy of authorities resulting from the poll,' according to Radio France Internationale. The resolution 'underlined that the elections did not respond to established conditions necessary for the resumption' of European aid.

The Euro Parliament also called for a national conference involving political parties and civil society.


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