Sunday, January 16, 2005

Nairobi 2016?

On a lighter note is Kenya's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The absurdity of a country like Kenya thinking it could host the world's largest sporting event is plain to see. Then again, absurd bids aren't rare. Bangkok (Thailand), Cairo (Egypt) and Havana (Cuba) all bid for the 2008 Games.

If the Kenyan government thinks it has the capacity to host major sporting events, it should start with something smaller like the All Africa Games (Olympic-type continental competition) or the athletics' world championships.

Or maybe it could use the billions of dollars (the recent Athens Games cost over $15 billion, according to the UK Telegraph, not including new public transport systems) in a more sensible way like developing a passable infrastructure, fighting the capital's obscene crime rate or building affordable urban housing.


At 3:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some Kenyan dignitaries have been suffering from a terrible illness. The symptoms are not hard to find. Some include talking a bunch of gibberish in all the wrong places and in front of all the wrong people. The localites prefer to call it 'Verbal Diarrhoea' and is, unfortunately, incurable.
Such is what happened then, such is what happens everytime we watch the news on political gatherings. Such is what happens each time one is criticised, or corrected. Such is what happens each time they feel like an extra comment, an added gram of praise will get them the respect they so much crave.
Sush, is what prompted one well known lecturer to blurt out a gush of praise towards the former president one graduation day and say something like, "...blah blah, Oh You are The Prince of Peace..."
God Help Us all.


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