Friday, January 07, 2005

Guinean opposition pol arrested

Just when you thought they might be liberalizing things a little, the Guinean leader Gen. Lansana Conte proves again that you should be very wary when applying optimism to his regime.

Prominent opposition figure Antoine Soromou was arrested earlier this week by the regime (the IRIN news services incorrectly implies that he is an opposition party leader). Soromou is a leading figure in the Guinean People's Rally (RPG). RPG leader Alpha Conde is the leading bête noire of the regime.

No explanation of what the charges were. Though a betting man would be wise to wager on something like illegally holding a meeting without police approval or something frivolous like that.

The arrest came the day after Conte's new prime minister promised to lift the ban on private radio stations, during a meeting with opposition leaders to re-start national dialogue.

Some dialogue!


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