Thursday, January 20, 2005

Eritrea self-sufficient no more

Do you remember back when Eritrea was seen as a model for the world? After independence in 1993 from Ethiopia, Eritrea adopted a national policy of self-sufficiency that was supposed to be a stark contrast to most of the rest of Africa. Especially to its former colonizers who are reportedly the most foreign aid-dependent country in the world.

Those days are long gone. Given the association of Eritrea with 'self-sufficiency,' I was particularly saddened to read that an article stating that Some two-thirds of the population of Eritrea will require varying degrees of food assistance this year, say United Nations food agencies.

I have three words for you: insane border war.


At 11:14 PM, Blogger Kenya A. Hudson said...

Another two words: poor governance. Eritrea's liberation movement and transition were also models for their participatory nature and that is pretty much a thing of past. Sen is right (at least partially) that the nature of governance is a significant factor explaining the prevalence and persistence of famines.


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