Friday, December 19, 2003

-The European Parliament denounces: 'Ivoirité is comparable to apartheid, Le Patriote (of Côte d'Ivoire). Note that this article is in French and that Le Patriote is considered close to those in the north of the country, who are the primary targets of Ivoirité. Nevertheless, the actual [English] text of the EuroParl's communique can be found here. I fear that the situation in Côte d'Ivoire might degenerate into another Rwanda. There are too many similiarities to ignore.

-First Elections for NGO Parliament, One World. Intriguing idea.

-Zimbabwe rules paper can publish, Reuters via CNN. Or a judge ruled that way at least. Whether or not the Mugabe regime, infuriated by the decision, respects the decision is another question.

-RWANDA: Commission to probe murder and harassment of genocide survivors, IRIN. There's something perverse about this headline.

-Blatter condemns European clubs, BBC. The president of soccer's world governing body condemns the giant European clubs' practice of poaching young African players as 'unhealthy, if not despicable' and 'neo-colonialist.' While his heart may be in the right place or perhaps he's pandering to African countries that were critical to his re-election in 2002, but it's another example of Mr. Blatter spouting off without offering how to address the problem.


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