Thursday, December 11, 2003

The author of the blog Mostly Africa noted

US Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz issued a Determinations and Findings paper listing the countries that can bid on reconstruction in Iraq. The African countries on the list are ... Angola, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Morocco, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Now this is interesting. Of those, Egypt and Eritrea are pure dictatorships. Angola is a corrupt multiparty authoritarian state. Morocco is a monarchy with a parliament and prime minister but a system in which the king retains very strong powers and prerogatives. Rwanda and Uganda are all very heavily "managed" sort-of democracies. Uganda suffered through a brutal civil war in the early 80s but is still facing a bloody rebellion from a small band of fanatics in the north. Angola is emerging (hopefully) from three and a half decades of nearly non-stop war. Eritrea and Ethiopia recently fought an idiotic and pointless war against each other. Rwanda is still healing from the wounds of the 1994 genocide. Morocco currently maintains a controversial occupation of Western Sahara.

ALL of these countries should focus their reconstruction, humanitarian, democratic institution building and anti-poverty efforts on their own people.


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