Thursday, April 17, 2008

SA allows arm shipment for Mugabe's campaign of terror

Two and a half weeks after Morgan Tsvangarai was elected president in Zimbabwe, the Mugabe-appointed electoral commission has refused to release even preliminary results.

As much as two weeks ago, President-elect Tsvangarai warned that outgoing strongman Bob Mugabe and his cronies would attack their fellow Zimbabweans. Tsvangarai predicted that the so-called war veterans, which are nothing more than otherwise unemployed criminal gangs of youths, were being prepared to wage "a war on the people".

Now evidence has been revealed to show that to the surprise of no one, President-elect Tsvangarai was probably right. A large arms shipment from China destined for Zimbabwe (a country at war with any of its neighbors) was unloaded in South Africa. China, as you may recall, has also been accused of arming the genociders in Sudan.

The government of South African President Thabo Mbeki, Mugabe's chief regional apologist, has vowed that it wouldn't 'interfere' with the shipment.

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