Tuesday, March 04, 2008

24 Somali casualties as US targets one terrorist

Despite what you might think, Iraq and Afghanistan are not the only countries that the United States is meddling in militarily. President Bush felt that American national security would be harmed if he didn't order a bombing raid on a small village in southern Somalia.

The target, according to a Bush spokesman, was a 'known al-Qaeda terrorist.'

A terrorist (singular).

The raid killed four and wounded 20.

It is unclear if any of the 24 casualties were actually the alleged terrorist (singular) in question.

Just click your heels and intone, "They hate us because we're free."

This is at least the second US bombing raid against Somalia in a year.

The situation in Somalia had stabilized a bit after the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) took control of most of the country in 2006.

But the humanitarian situation deteriorated significantly since an US-backed Ethiopian aggression overthrew the UIC in late 2006.

An occupation which, the Ethiopians promised, would only last a month or two.

Last month, the UN called Somalia the worst place in the world for children.

But it's hardly surprising that Ethiopian-occupied Somalia is a disaster, since the Addis Ababa regime stands accused of Darfur-like atrocities in its own territory.

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