Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Trial of the world's worst war criminal resumes

Yesterday marked the resumption in The Hague of the trial of Charles Taylor, someone largely responsible for destabilizing the much of West Africa. The barbarian who formerly held Liberia hostage* has been indicted on multiple counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his widely assumed role in backing the heinous Sierra Leone rebel RUF during the 1990s.

*-Note: I know people whose lives were turned upside down by this scumbag and his drugged "men." So if you're looking for neutral, dispassionate analysis of the Taylor trial, this is not the place.

According to the prosecution, and most outside analyses at the time, Taylor armed, financed and trained the rebel army in exchange of diamonds.

Among the 144 witnesses to be called by the prosecution, 77 will be direct victims of the rebel crimes, eight will be experts and 59 will be called to testify the connection between Taylor and the crimes committed in Sierra Leone. Among them, will be "insiders", former associates of the warlords.

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