Thursday, July 05, 2007

Guinean police officers honored

A few days ago, I wrote how Amnesty International condemned the Guinean forces of disorder as a 'permanent menace' to the people. Particularly regarding their brutality against peaceful striking workers earlier this year which caused over 130 deaths and 1500 injured.

Now I read in Guinéenews that 37 Guinean police officers who were part of the United Nations' stabilization mission in Haiti were given medals by the international organization for their work in the country.

The UN mission chief said that the medals "symbolized the recognition of the UN for the spirit of sacrifice and devotion that characterizes the action of the Blue Helmets."

He added that the mission "refmains firmly engaged alongside the government for helping it along the path of security, reconciliation, peace and development."

Perhaps those 37 police officers should return to Guinea to be a positive influence on their colleagues. It's not like the other 'law enforcement' officials in the country have shown any respect for security, reconciliation, peace and development.

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