Thursday, April 05, 2007

Worst fighting in 15 years in 'liberated' Mogadishu

Late last year, the Ethiopian army invaded and 'liberated' neighboring Somalia from the clutches of the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC). The UIC, as its name implies, was a union. A union of disparate groups. Some theocratic Islamists. Some nationalists. Many moderates who simply wanted the order that the UIC brought to a previously chaotic country.

The Ethiopian invasion purported to bring an end to the tyranny of stability that the UIC brought.

It succeeded in that regard.

Violence has erupted in the capital Mogadishu with serious clashes between Somali insurgents and forces of the Somali transitional national government and the Ethiopians. 155 were killed and over 300 wounded in the first four days of the fighting.

The UN has described the violence as the worst in 15 years.


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