Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Zim insecurity forces to revolt?

The Daily Mail and Guardian of Johannesburg reports on fears of a revolt by insecurity officers.

In a confidential memo dated November 22, a copy of which was seen by independent news service ZimOnline at the weekend, Chihuri said morale in the security services has hit rock bottom as the salary discrepancies have caused serious division between the security forces and the youths, who've completed a so-called national service program which trains thugs to terrorize Mugabe's opponents.

"The salaries they earn [national-service youths] are more than 20 times what trained junior members of the uniformed forces who pay tax are being given per month and this has not only killed the morale of our members, but also made them more rebellious against the government.

"It is also worrying to note that these youths ... earn more than three times a senior assistant commissioner of the ZRP [Zimbabwe Republic Police]," reads part of the memo, according to the paper.


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