Monday, October 23, 2006

Ethiopian regime massacred almost 200 people: report

An Ethiopian judge named to head an investigation into violence following last year's disputed elections concluded that nearly 200 people were massacred and 763 injured by the country's insecurity forces.

The report said that the government had concealed the true extent of deaths at the hands of the police.
It said that 193 people had been killed, including 40 teenagers. Six policemen were also killed and some 763 people injured.

They had been shot, beaten and strangled.

The judge described the deaths as a massacre and said the toll could well have been higher.

"The police fired, definitely, as a kind of massacre of the demonstrators - especially in Addis, where more than 160 civilians were dead," by shooting, he told the BBC.

He said there was no doubt that excessive force had been used.

Additionally, some 20,000 people were arrested during the protests, according to police records.

The judge who conducted the investigation has since fled the country.

In a related development, the regime in Addis has expelled a pair of European Union diplomats. It said the two were arrested over "serious crimes" without specifying, according to the BBC.

There are also fears that the regime will wage a proxy war with old enemy/ally Eritrea on Somalian territory... as if the war over Badme wasn't assinine enough.


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