Saturday, September 23, 2006

'The Koran said that Jammeh ought to run the country'

The two major US political parties hold quadrennial conventions to nominate their candidate for president. If an incumbent president is re-nominated, the crowds usually chant, "Four more years" to encourage his re-election. Supporters of Gambian head of state Yahya Jammeh might instead chant, "Four more decades!"

The strongman recently said that he envisioned himself running the tiny West African state for 'the next 40 years.'

The man who came to power via a military coup in 1994 added, "No coup d'Etat or election will make me lose my position. The Koran said that Jammeh ought to run the country."

"I will develop the regions that vote for me. But if you don't vote for me, then expect nothing," he warned, in a Mugabe-esque tone.

Most strongmen at least pretend to adhere to the facade of democracy, but at least Jammeh is honest enough to tell the world he's a dictator.

Jammeh held sham elections yesterday which he will win handily. After all, he's already promised that he won't let himself lose.


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