Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kenyan police launch aggression against newspaper, TV offices

Today, heavily armed Kenyan police invaded the offices of The Standard newspaper and KTN television station.

Before the raids, three Standard journalists were charged with the vague 'crime' of publishing alarming statements.

The paper has been very critical of increasingly hapless-looking President Mwai Kbaki and his government, which has come under fire for their inability or refusal to tackle the country's massive corruption problem.

(Perhaps because they are more concerned about attacking journalists than crooks in the state machinery)

Internal Security Minister John Michuki defended the shocking assault on press freedom by a supposedly reformist democratic government with the menacing words, "When you rattle a snake you must be ready to be bitten."

He also cited the typical excuse when thuggish governments threaten and harass those who refuse to carry their water: state security.

Nearly 30 countries have condemned this shameful aggression.

Yet another betrayal by yet another government that was inaugurated with such promise. How depressing!


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