Saturday, August 20, 2005

Think of the landless peasants!

Zimbabwe's land theft program was sold by Robert Mugabe's dictatorship as a way to redistribute land from white farmers to poor, landless black peasants. Sounds like a noble idea in theory. There really has been a serious problem with the distribution of land in Zimbabwe. In practice, however, the scheme has resulted as massive corruption, just as most observers expected.

The Zimbabwean newspaper is one of many sources to report that: Top army generals, government and Zanu (PF) officials looted most of the best land seized from whites, with some of them keeping as many a six farms each in clear breach of the government's one-man-one-farm policy.

Now, the regime is planning to give land to the country's soccer players, who recently won the southern African regional championship.

Soccer players, generals and high-ranking ruling party officials receiving farms.

So much for helping the landless peasants, eh?

I'm not sure how the poor in Zimbabwe benefit from massive corruption, 123 percent inflation and mind-boggling rates of unemployment. But they can be reassured to know that even though they're on the verge of starving, General So-and-So now has several farms.


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