Friday, April 29, 2005

Charles Taylor implicated in plot against Guinean leader

Remember the asassination attempt against Guinea's leader Gen. Lansana Conté? Former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor was involved, according to the special prosecutor for the UN war crimes tribunal in Sierra Leone.

Yes, that's the same Charles Taylor who's been indicted for war crimes by that very same tribunal. That's the same Charles Taylor who was given asylum and immunity/impunity by the Nigerian government provided that he didn't cause any trouble (!!!).

There has been no love lost between Conté and Taylor ever since the Guinean strongman backed a rival warlord during Liberia's first civil war.

Update: the French-language pan-African weekly L'Intelligent (formerly Jeune Afrique) has a revealing article about the poor state of health of the very ill Gen. Conté. It appears that the Guinean leader is a mere shell of himself and barely able to function, as a human, let alone as a national leader. It also explains how Conté's sickness is paralysing many parts of the Guinean state as a whole. This particular issue of L'Intelligent was banned by the regime in Conakry, according to Guineenews.


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