Monday, December 20, 2004

Exiled Taylor still making noise

Anyone who didn't expect the disgraced and disgraceful former Liberian dictator and indicted war criminal Charles Taylor to go gently into that good night will not be by this article in The Analyst. The December 2004 reports of the UN Panel of Experts report has revealed that it has evidence that former Liberian president Charles Taylor [in exile in Nigeria] is still receiving money from Liberia, reports the Monrovia publication, via

According to the experts using various sources, under condition of anonymity, it appears that "the financing of Charles Taylor is made in cash, using both male and female couriers. The couriers deliver the cash using international flights, but remittance is made via another intermediary in order to avoid a direct route." "In many cases there is no need to transfer any money in cash. The former president of Liberia will contact a 'friend' by phone and instruct him to give the required funds to a third party," the Panel's report said.


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