Monday, December 14, 2009

Periodic Twitter update: Dec. 1-14, 2009

Note: This is a new series of blog entries highlighting selected stories from the Twitter feeds for my blogs Musings of a (Fairly) Young Contrarian and Black Star Journal. This is for the benefit of blog readers who do not subscribe to Twitter. However those that are interested are encouraged to subscribe the Twitter feed to get all stories by going to and clicking 'follow'.

*Global Voices -- France: The Day Without Immigrants

*AlterNet -- A Look at the Shady Morals of NY State Senator Hiram Monserrate Who Opposed Marriage Equality

*Doctors Without Borders -- Interested in humanitarian work? See what it’s really like. LivingInEmergency next Mon, 12/14

*AlterNet -- Social Action in Copenhagen Rivals Seattle Protest

*Adirondack Almanack -- What's Wrong With Leg-Hold Traps?

*HumanityNews -- Nigeria: YarAdua Illness Raises Succession Fears

*Africannewsfeed: Cell phones cut maternal deaths in Ghana

*BBC World Service Africa: Reports of arrests, torture and killings of civilians suspected of opposing Guinea's injured junta leader

*BBC World Service Africa: A French mining firm is accused of dumping radioactive waste in Gabon


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Enugu police on the rampage

The BBC has a disturbing report on what appears to be a killing spree by the police in Enugu, Nigeria.

The Chief Medical Director at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital in Enugu says his staff are being forced to carry out mass burials because of the corpses that are flooding his hospital.

The Enugu State Police Commissioner said he was 'too busy' to talk about his out of control forces.

Nigerian police have come under widespread criticism for extrajudicial killings.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Revised commenting policy

The old commenting policy of this blog rejected publication of completely anonymous, unsigned comments.

The new commenting policy of this blog will publish anonymous, unsigned comments on the condition that they do not make serious allegations against a person or entity. If you wish to make serious allegations, then you should sign your comment.

If you have a serious allegation but wish to remain anonymous, please contact me via email with details and I may investigate in a journalistic fashion and report on it as appropriate:

This blog will continue to reject comments that are potentially libelous or defamatory or that appear to be spam/ads.