Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ICC opposes amnesty offer to Kony

The Ugandan regime has controversially offered an amnesty to warlord and indicted war criminal Joseph Kony. The world's worst war criminal not presently in custody is head of a terrorist group which calls itself rebels and is widely accused of hideous atrocities and crimes against humanity.

Thanks to Kony's grotesquely misnamed Lord's Resistance army, northern Uganda is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Kony denies that his men (and boys and girls) have committed any war crimes whatsoever.

Despite the Ugandan government amnesty offer, the International Criminal Court maintains that its international arrest warrant for Kony is still valid. This is good, since past amnesty offers in Africa have been little more than short term bandaids.

The ICC's announcement will likely please Kony's victims, many of whom are not thrilled by the regime's offer.

Click here to learn more about child soldiers and other young victims of the conflict in northern Uganda.


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